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How good is your organization at creating the next generation of leaders?
As a writer, consultant and publishing executive, Rick Spence has been studying and writing on leadership for two decades. He knows what makes great leaders tick, and how the best companies nurture and develop leaders for the future.
In these trying times when organizations desperately need more engaged, creative and initiative-taking talent, Rick Spence believes management's most critical job is to create new leaders. Through his book or his seminars and keynote presentations, Rick can help you do that more consistently, more effectively, and more successfully.

RECENT READ: Rick's June 2011 National Post column on the Leadership  Lessons of Gen. Rick Hillier

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Looking for tools? We provide Workshops and Seminars designed to help management better understand the payoff from creating new leaders, and learn the key steps for building leadership capacity in their organizations.

Looking for inspiration? Drawing on examples from successful, growing companies from across North America, Rick's keynote presentations can help your management teams or association members take greater pride in their leadership skills - and build more effective, profitable teams led by talented, motivated new leaders.


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