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RECENT READ: Senior management exists to help their staff become more successful -- not the other way 'round. From the National Post, June 6, 2011

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Rick Spence

President, Canadian Entrepreneur Communications

As a writer, consultant and publishing executive, Rick Spence has been studying and writing on leadership for two decades. He has been managing editor of the Financial Times of Canada, and Publisher and Editor of PROFIT, the Magazine for Canadian Entrepreneurs.

He now writes a weekly column for the National Post and many Canadian daily newspapers, as well as regular columns for PROFIT magazine and other publications. His leadership columns have also appeared in The Globe and Mail and the Financial Post. He also writes and speaks on innovation, opportunity and the Post-Internet Economy.

Rick wrote the first Canadian book on growth business (Secrets of Success from Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies). He has taught “New Venture Startup” at Ryerson University and sits on the board of directors of a Toronto-based geophysical software company.